• fiction and poetry icon Life Happens

    In between events, appointments and obligations, life happens, says author Dayle Herstik. Every day is an experience, Learn More>>

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    Now available for Kindle and Nook Trials of an Entrepreneurial Virgin Learn More>>

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    When there is no job available, the enterprising person makes one! But what happens when that plan fails, too? Are you a Formerly Corporate™ employee? Learn More>>

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    Designed to motivate kids to stay active and healthy through songs and movement that are not only motivational and fun, kid-friendly and imaginative, the book Learn more>>

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    For the Love of Daniel

    Daniel was a handsome, charismatic bundle of contradictions. Diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety disorders, ADD and alcohol dependency, he became a high school dropout and opiate addict. To the world he was a failure; to his many friends he was a star and a legend. This is an account of his life and of his after-life.
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    Winter Writers’ Weekend 2014 – Sign Up Now!

    Feb. 28-March 2, 2014, Lambertville, NJ. Meet Experts in Book Marketing and Publishing! Topics include Marketing Your E-Book, Social Media for Authors, What’s New in Publishing, Working With Barnes and Noble and more. Cost: $250 includes all seminars and workshops and private consultation with one expert Early Bird Pricing Available Learn More>>
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    Every year Sarah and her father march in the parade. But this year daddy is sick and must use a wheelchair. Sarah must decide between her pride and her heart. Learn More>>
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    Belle is happy living with her human “family.” She has plenty of attention, love and playtime, but one day Belle is stolen Learn More>>

em·pow·er: [em-pou-er]
verb (used with object)
to enable: The writing mentors at Open Door Publications work with authors to empower them to start, finish and market a professionally published book.

Open Door PublicationsSM assists aspiring authors in taking their ideas and turning them into a polished, professional book that will bring results: increased credibility and visibility, speaking engagements and the ability to deliver your message to a wider audience.

We offer personal service at each stage of the writing process for authors who need coaching and editorial assistance or who are interested in an entrepreneurial publishing experience. Many of our clients are coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and speakers. Many are first-time authors. If you fit into any of these categories and are serious about bringing your message to the public, find out more about our coaching services.

When you work with Open Door Publications, you will be able to methodically plan, write, edit, publish and market your book. We’ll put you on the track to bring your message to your audience, fast!

“I was thinking of writing a book about three years before I met Karen. I didn’t know the first thing about writing or publishing a book, but she gave me the expertise and knowledge I needed to get my book finished. I trusted her knowledge and everything she told me was the right move to make to get my book finished in a professional manner. Anybody looking for someone to help them write their book should look no further than Open Door Publications. I absolutely love the way my book came out and I know that the people reading the book will be in love with it too.”
Dr. Kevin Kita
Author, Healing Journeys, Stories of Mind, Body and Spirit